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The Geomatics Engineer at China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Nigeria Limited will conduct a workshop on "Mapping technology and sustainable development" at The Big 5 Construct Nigeria

The Big 5 Construct Nigeria hosts Babatunde Odunlami as one of the event's speakers on its launch edition in Lagos. Part of a broad complimentary and CPD certified agenda dedicated to educating and empowering construction professionals in Nigeria, Mr. Babatunde Odunlami's workshop takes place on September 10 at 17:00-17:30 hrs.

Babatunde Odunlami
Babatunde Odunlami

Titled "Mapping technology and sustainable development"focuses on:

  • Mapping and geospatial technology in the Nigerian Construction industry today
  • Mapping as a tool to checkmate development
  • Mapping sustainable development

Here's what Mr. Babatunde Odunlami, Geomatics Engineer of the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Nigeria Limited, revealed to us ahead of the workshop:

What is the current outlook on the use of mapping and geospatial technology in the Nigerian construction industry?

The full potential of mapping and geospatial technology is yet to be harnessed in the Nigerian construction industry but the good news is its adoption and implementation is growing at a steady rate. According to the Geospatial Industry Outlook and Readiness Index for year 2018, Nigeria ranks 39th of the 50 countries that were assessed for their geospatial readiness to the global audience from the industry, government, academia, development sector and other stakeholders at large.
It is important to note that the use of modern mapping and geospatial technology such as GIS and remote sensing is considered to be in the early stages in Nigeria. Nonetheless, the recent boom in real estate and construction have called for in depth employment of mapping and geospatial technology in the country.

What steps are being taken to increase the awareness on the use of mapping and geospatial technology in the Nigerian construction industry?

There is educational awareness about the advantages of geospatial data in the construction industry at continuing profession development events such as The Big 5 Construct Nigeria. These enlighten and inform more professionals in the Nigerian construction industry about the robustness of geospatial technology.
A more vivid footstep is the recent bill sent to the legislative arm of the Government for the amendment of laws guiding the geo-information professional practice of Surveyors council of Nigeria (SURCON). Gradually, Geoinformation is being integrated into every segment of the economy creating more awareness about mapping and geospatial technology in the whole economy.

What are the 3 main causes behind the limited use of mapping and geospatial technology in Nigeria?

The limited use of mapping and geospatial technology in Nigeria can be attributed to the following reasons:
1. The lack of appropriate level of awareness about the stoutness of the cost effective technology: users who don't understand the significant applications make it harder to use and adopt geospatial technology in Nigeria.
2. Lack of operational National Geospatial data has created an obstruction in the synergy between private sectors and agencies to produce geospatial data that covers our Country as evident in work/research redundancy by individuals and/ institutions, and therefore inhibiting the growth of geospatial industry as a whole.
3. Mapping and Geospatial technology is expensive to obtain bearing in mind that it requires specialized skill set, knowledge and understanding, and little/no funding for research and development of geospatial technologies is catered for in Nigeria. As a result, the limited knowledge, technology is left uncultured and skills are poorly transferred.

How will the use of mapping and geospatial technology revolutionize construction in Nigeria?

Mapping and geospatial technology are means of acquiring, manipulating and deriving information from spatial data, which is one of the key decision making tool for developmental and construction purposes. It technically directs operations in the construction industry as every aspect of construction relies directly or indirectly upon geospatial data obtained through mapping and geospatial technology starting from design-building/execution-operation.  

What will industry professionals learn by attending your presentation at The Big 5 Construct Nigeria?

Industry professionals will learn how the effective application of mapping and geospatial technology can provide basis for proper planning and decision making process, reduce cost, as well as mitigate construction waste generation thereby promoting a sustainable development in the construction industry.

About Babatunde Odunlami -

Babatunde's skills lie in the construction sector. He obtained his degree from The Federal University of Technology Akure in Surveying and Geoinformatics. He has successfully worked, added value, increased productivity and is fast becoming a brand in both private and government organizations. He is a multi-skilled professional who is well-versed in Land Surveying, GIS, Offshore Surveying and Engineering/Construction. Babatunde was part of the huge success in the reclamation of Periwinkle Estate and Orange Island, the implementation of Digital Base Map (Ogun state), Ota Township road construction, mapping of the Federal University of Technology Akure, Customer Enumeration Technical Audit and Asset Mappings. He is presently a Geomatics Engineer at China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation Nigeria Limited where his team achieved a feat predicted to last 3 years in just a year - a 20km double-track standard gauge railway of the Nigeria Railway Modernization Project.

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About The Big 5 Construct Nigeria
About The Big 5 Construct Nigeria

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